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We are really sorry but we are not doing business or shipping to any country other than the UK. We are selling pills of insomnia, pain killers, and all other types of products listed on our website only in the United Kingdom.
Expiration dates are printed on the backside of the tablet blister itself, not on boxing, so you can check the date and know that they have not had packaging exchanged or tampered with. If medication is expired, please do not use it, and contact us as soon as you notice.
This is a very good and interesting question. If you are an old addict of medicine then you will know better about real and fake only seeing pills but if you are new then given information would b helpful for you. First of all search about the brand on the internet which one you receive from us and read reviews about it. You also can read reviews about our companies products. We are not the only supplier, but we are also direct certified partners with companies. So you really don't need to worry about the quality of our products.
Medications purchased from are safe and reliable and are of the same quality and authenticity as those purchased in a pharmacy. Our manufacturers are hand-picked and have a history of high-quality, precision, and care.