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A recent study from the University of Pennsylvania reported the finding that "sleeping pills" are being prescribed to senior citizens at a rate nearly 50% higher than people in their 20s.
There is a lot of disagreement about the safety of combining sleeping pills and alcohol. Some experts believe that it can be dangerous because the pills can make it difficult to assess how intoxicated someone is.
Sleep is more than just a way to recharge. It's vital for our health and happiness. For those who are struggling with sleep, one of the most common questions is how to fall asleep without relying on sleep aids, such as prescription or over. So answer is YES. You can sleep without medicine but a lot of things matter and a lot of efforts need.
Sleep aids are a common way to get a good night's sleep, but what are the potential risks or complications of sleeping pills? Some of the most common side effects of sleeping pills are dizziness, drowsiness, and headaches.
The CDC has released new guidelines for safer use of sleeping pills. The guidelines state that people should not take sleeping pills more than 2 weeks in a row and should talk to their doctor about when to stop taking the pill after using it for 2 weeks
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